Michelle Sleeper started the AWOL project in 2002. After a chance encounter during Realms Deep 2020, she revived the project and built a new team under Shotspark Studios, branching out into Unity and Build development.

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The Team

Michelle Sleeper
Lead Programmer (Lead Design, Original Concept, Programmer: AI, pathfinding)

Jay “Metalagent47″ Desso
Lead Artist & Animator

Riccardo “RichardStorm” Capogna
Programmer (weapons & effects), Sound Design

Yijian “Yij” Fong
Artist, Weapon Modeler

Tommaso “Pavigna” Pavignani
World & Level Design

Michael “dbzfanatic” LaBruyere
Programmer (technology)

Max “Jerry” Raffa
Texture & Sprite Artist

Jonathan “MBlackwell” Strander
Programmer (systems & effects), Design

Sean “Raziel” Bellwether
Writing, Game Design

Texture Art, 3D Models

Dave Tietz
Technical Design & Programming

Max “Oasiz” Ylitalo
Technology, Design Consultant

Jarmo Kylmäaho
World & Level Design

Corentin “MetHy” Dallay
Design Consultant

Mikko Sandt
World & Level Design

World & Level Design

Vlad Borisenko
World & Level Design

Katherine “The Baskinator” Baskin
Writing, Community & PR

Jarkko “Roz” Rotstén

Nick “Damien Azreal” Palsmeier
Testing, QA

Jordon “StrikerTheHedgeFox” Moss
StrikerDM Lead Designer and Programmer

Shotspark Studios

Shotspark Studios