Andrew Childs and Michelle Sleeper started the AWOL project in 2002. After a chance encounter during Realms Deep 2020, the pair revived the project and built a new team under Shotspark Studios, branching out into Unity and Build development.

Please check out our Twitter (@shotsparkstudio) and our Discord to keep up to date on the latest developments!

The Team

Andrew “Hudson” Childs
Lead Design, Original Concept

Michelle Sleeper
Lead Programmer (A.I., pathfinding)

Jay “Metalagent47″ Desso
Lead Artist & Animator

Riccardo “RichardStorm” Capogna
Programmer (weapons & effects), Sound Design

Yijian “Yij” Fong
Artist, Weapon Modeler

Tommaso “Pavigna” Pavignani
World & Level Design

Michael “dbzfanatic” LaBruyere
Programmer (technology)

Max “Jerry” Raffa
Texture & Sprite Artist

Jonathan “MBlackwell” Strander
Programmer (systems & effects), Design

Sean “Raziel” Bellwether
Writing, Design

Texture Art, 3D Models

Dave Tietz
Technical Design & Programming

Max “Oasiz” Ylitalo
Technology, Design Consultant

Jarmo Kylmäaho
World & Level Design Consultant

Corentin “MetHy” Dallay
Design Consultant

Mikko Sandt
World & Level Design

World & Level Design

Vlad Borisenko
World & Level Design

Katherine “The Baskinator” Baskin
Writing, Community & PR

Jarkko “Roz” Rotstén

Nick “Damien Azreal” Palsmeier
Testing, QA

Jordon “StrikerTheHedgeFox” Moss
Lead Design, Programming (StrikerDM & NetDuke32)

Shotspark Studios

Shotspark Studios