The most anticipated total conversion of 2005– is finally being released...

A.W.O.L. is now available to wishlist on Steam!

Due to popular demand, we finally have A.W.O.L. on Steam! Wishlist the game now and be one of the first to play when it drops later this year! This is a very exciting development that we hope makes A.W.O.L. even more accessible to our players.

Thanks to all of our friends and community members who have supported us, especially our pals at E1M1 Magazine and all of our PFC’s on Discord. We can’t wait to show you more!

Wishlist A.W.O.L. on Steam!

From the developers of Grins of Divinity, Zombie Crisis, Decay, Duke Nukem Forever (2013), Kick Ass Duke, The Christmas Project (2003), Borg Nukem, Project Blue Skies, Aliens vs. Duke, Top Shooter, and more…

A.W.O.L. is a Total Conversion for Duke Nukem 3D utilizing EDuke32 Technology.

Project A.W.O.L. – Teaser Trailer (work in progress)

A.W.O.L. features groundbreaking new AI and pathfinding techniques to create the most dynamic experience possible! Sneak or fight your way through multiple levels using military authentic weapons and equipment as you and your squad seek out the truth behind the disappearance of your commanding officer.

  • Infiltrate and use stealth takedowns, or go in guns blazing… You decide how to overcome each challenge!

Advanced enemy AI can hear and see you coming… Unless you don’t want them to. Utilize stealth tactics to take out enemies quietly and preserve your resources. Or kick in the front door and take full advantage of the arsenal of authentic military weapons. Each encounter can turn out differently if the wrong bad guy survives – prioritizing targets running for an alarm or alerting other guards is vital to mission success.

  • A “Republic Commando,” “Rainbow Six: Vegas,” and “SWAT 4” gameplay experience brought to you using the BUILD Engine.

The enemies are smart, but your AI Squad is smarter. Take command of a team of advanced AI who can flank enemy positions, provide covering fire for you and the team, and take advantage of defensive positions or mounted machine guns. Designed to be an extension of your own playstyle, the AI will adapt to your decisions and tactics, and follow your commands. Your team also has unique abilities – Nielsen, the radio op who can call in drone strikes. Reyes, the heavy gunner armed with an M249 and a bad attitude. And Ty, the team’s Medic who will keep you and the rest of the squad in the fight.

Development on A.W.O.L. began in 2002 and ended in 2005 due to a lack of mapping talent, leaving the mod incomplete until being revived in 2020 in collaboration with E1M1 Magazine.

Coming 2021…